Icelandic ponies
Look at the questions below. With your partner, answer as many as possible. You may use any resources to help you. You can start anywhere on the list that you want to.

  1. Where did Ginny live before going to the Iron age village?
  2. What was Layo’s secret at the beginning of the book?
  3. What was the Jewish grandmother’s advice to Catherine?
  4. What did Muna like about Takanobu?
  5. Why did Perkin compare Catherine to a pig?
  6. What skill did Muna want to learn?
  7. Why was Layo’s grandmother able make an excellent pot?
  8. Who are Newt and Fox? What do they like about each other?
  9. Who rescued Birdy?
  10. Which two main characters were the most alike?

  1. Name the seven continents.
  2. Name the four oceans.
  3. Put these years in order from earliest to latest:
    1. 231 B.C.E.
    2. 1453 C.E.
    3. 476 C.E.
    4. 1257 B.C.E.
  4. Name five countries in Asia.
  5. What is the highest mountain in Japan?
  6. Name five countries in Africa.
  7. What are the four islands of Japan?
  8. How did geography impact the life in a village?

  1. What is an orisha? How many orisha are there?
  2. What is the purpose of a Torii Gate?
  3. Who was the babalawo? What were three tools that he/she used?
  4. What are the Seven Deadly Sins?
  5. What is Lugnasa?
  6. How did the Buddha reach Enlightenment?
  7. What was the creation myth of Japan?
  8. What did the Yoruba believe about death?
  9. What are the Four Affrirmations?
  10. Why was a priest important in the life of a village in medieval Europe?
  11. How did religion influence the life of a village? Give at least 2 examples.

Village Life
  1. What is wattle and daub? Where was it used?
  2. Define feudalism.
  3. What was a daimyo? Who in medieval Europe was he similar to?
  4. Describe the arrangement of an African compound.
  5. What was the feudal pyramid for Europe?
  6. What was the feudal pyramid for Japan?
  7. Which village would you want to live in? Give at least 3 reasons why.
  8. What was the role of a chief in an African village?
  9. Who had the most power in medieval Japan?