Chapter 2
In chapter 2 we meet two new characters. These characters are Takanobu and the captain. The captain's relationship with Muna is that he is steering the boat that Muna cast away on. The captain's social status is over that of Muna because he was telling the serfs what to do and how to load the boat. Takanobu relationship with Muna is that close to the end of the chapter. He found Muna stowed away in the bales or rice Muna helped load onto the boat. Takanobu place on the feudal pyramid is a ronin. He does not have much power.

Michelle-In chapter three, we met two new characters.
1) Kawaki: His relationship to Muna is that he invited Muna into his house for some bean soup, because he didn't want Muna to travel alone at night. On the feudal pyramid Kawaki is an artisan. He makes what the merchants sell. He does not have very much power.
2) Akiko: Akiko is Kawaki's daughter. She invited Muna in for bean soup along with Kawaki. She is only a teenager, but on the feudal pyramid she would also be an artisan. She also does not have very much power.

By Lily

Fukuji: Is a old man who is a sword maker and has a sword shop. His relationship with Muna is that he saved his life when Muna collapsed by the burning building The Red Dog. Then Fukuji fead and took care of Muna over night in till his fever went down from the fire and he was sure he would live. Fukuji’s role in social society is he owns a shop and sells swords to people. On the Feudal Pyramid Fukuji is a artisan. He does not have that much power because the only thing he does is makes and sells swords.