1. What do you like about Civ class?
I like Civ because we learn a lot of interesting things about ourselves and other cultures.
Brooke, I agree.
Meredith: I agree 100%. Sometimes you find out something that you never knew either about yourself, or about another culture.

2. What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is watermelon.
Brooke, I love any fruit, including watermelon.
Lexi: I love fruit haha its funny cause my dads least fav food is watermelon, I love it though, the seeds are really annoying :P
Maya: i agree with lexi the seeds are annoying. i luv watermelon
Lauren: I agree but I think the seedless water melons are less flavorful.
Frankie: I love eating watermelon in the summer.

3. What is your favorite movie.
My favorite movie is Get Smart.
Brooke, I love that movie.

4. What is your favorite book and why?
My favorite book is twilight. I like it because it has action.
Brooke, I didn't know you even read those books.

5. What would you like about living in an African village.
Something that I would like about living in Africa is seeing all the wild life.

6. What would you find hard about living in an African village?
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Something I would find hard about living in an African Village is working in the heat all day.

Katie- I love watermelon
Frankie- Me too!
Gwyneth-I like Twilight too!
Michelle-Get Smart is such a funny Movie!

I'm reading New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
It is the sequel to Twilight. New Moon is a good book. Where I am it is a little boring because not a lot is going on but people tell me it will get better so, I am looking forward to that.

I love that series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favorite in life lol: Maya


I read about spooky folk legends. In this legend this mans mother is ill. One day he went out and got water from a hot spring. When he was almost home he tripped and spilled the water. He was very disappointed. Then all of the sudden the water started to spring up from the ground. When the lady bathed in the water she was healthy again. People said that it was tengu who caused the water to make the women healthy. It was a way of thanking the women for the meals that she made.

1. How was the geography? Was it easy to farm on? This question has to do with geography.
2. What different kinds of jobs did people have. This question has to do with Economics.
3. What kind if art did people do? This question has to do with language, education and the arts.
4. Has there society gotten more advanced? This has ti do with Sociology.