Answer the following questions.This is a school page, so be sure that you use appropriate language. Write in complete sentences.

1. Write 4 questions that you have about feudal Europe.
2. After each question, label the category from the 7 Aspects that it falls into. Some questions might fall into more than one category.

1. Were there lots of hills or mountains for hiding?Geography
2. How would the knights be brought up? Sociology
3. Did the priests write in Latin too? Religion and Philosophy
4. Were there slaves? Sociology

I read the Japanese folk tale called "Nezumi no Yomeiri (The Mouses Marriage)". This folk tale is about a mother and father mouse trying to find
the perfect groom for their perfect daughter. First they go to the sun for he must be the greatest in the world. Then the sun tells them to go to the cloud
because every time he comes out to shine the cloud hides him. They are told wrong again and that the wind is the greatest because he blows away
the clouds every time they try to cover the sky. And so they go to the wind and he tells them that the greatest is the wall. And when they finally get to the wall he tells them that the mice are surely the greatest because they chew holes in the wall.So the mice have their daughter marry the nice mouse next door and they live happily ever after.

I read another folk tale called "Kachikachi Yama". This story is about a rabbit getting revenge on the evil raccoon who keeps ruining the farmers field.
First the rabbit dresses up and pretends to need help carrying his firewood and asks the raccoon to help him with it.Then he lights the firewood and burns the raccoons back.The next day the rabbit puts on a costume and meets up with the raccoon again on a scorching hot day.He asks if he wants some cream to heal his burns, but it is actually hot pepper sauce, and it burns the raccoons back again.A couple days later the rabbit sees the raccoon again after the raccoons burns have healed, and he asks him if he would like to go fishing. The clever rabbit tells him they have to make boats and since the raccoon is heavy he says that he has to make his boat out of heavy mud. The story ends when the raccoon falls in the water and the rabbit wins.

Calders macaroons are yummy

1. What do you like about Civ class?
I like that we do different things everyday and lots of drawing and reading.

2. What is your favorite food?
Pasta mmmmmm i love Italian food!
Michelle-Coffee is so good!
;marina I love coffee!!!!!!!!
mercedes: Coffee. Is. So. Yummy.

3. What is your favorite movie?
Get Smart and Whip It
mercedes: Me too
Lexi: STARBUCKS! I <3 Starbucks it is so good! I go there a lot!!!

4. What is your favorite book and why?
my favorite book is sight and i like it because there are things you learn
at the end that you wouldn't of thought would happen

5. What would you like about living in an African village?
I would like that we would always make our own food and collect the things to make it with.
Meredith: I would enjoy the food and to make it to. Amazing!

6. What would you find hard about living in an African village?
I think working would be the hardest.

Frankie: Get Smart is Anne Hathaway's best movie! And I also think that it would be really cool to collect our own food!
Smith Wrote-- I love Get Smart and PAsTa is the best food ever!!!!!!!!!! Great ANswers!! :)
such a goooood movie seriously!!!!!!!!!!!-marina P.S. i love u!!!