-Michelle-Vocabulary-Chapter 4
1) Rouse: p.24-to become awakened; to stir up-The man waited for his wife to rouse before he started to eat breakfast.
2) Inferior: p.24-situated lower down; of low rank-Though he was inferior, the man lived a happy life.
3) Elaborately: p.25-worked out with good care and detail-The boy did his report elaborately, wanting to get a good grade.
4) Wretchedness: p.26-to be or appear mean or miserable-The little girl ran and ran, trying to escape her family’s wretchedness.
5) Boisterous: p.27-noisily; with high spirits-He was very boisterous at the party yesterday.
6) Peculiar: p.29-in a different form than usual; queer-“Why did you act so peculiar yesterday?” asked the little boy.
7) Modest: p.29-to be humble; to not brag about one’s belongings-The modest man did not brag about his Olympic bronze medal in gymnastics.

Maya Jones
1)p.17. Eluded-to avoid or escape (someone or something) by being quick, skillful, or clever.
2)p.18. Sputtering-to utter or spit out words or sounds explosively or incoherently, as when angry or flustered.
3)p.19. Throughfare- a road, street, or the like, that leads at each end into another street.

4)p.20. Boisterous-rough and noisy; noisily jolly or rowdy; clamorous; unrestrained.
5)p.23. Inheritance-something that is or may be inherited; property passing at the owner's death to the heir or those entitled to succeed; legacy.
6)p.23. Voyage-journey or travel.
7)p.18. Port- city, town, or other place where ships load or unload.

I eluded the hit from the ball.
I was sputtering out my words when i couldn't find my shoes.
I went onto the throughfare to find my way home from in town.
There was boisterous music playing at the parade.
The inheritance I got from my grandmother was her pair of gold earrings.
I took a voyage through the woods.
I went down to the port to help unload the ships.

Vocabulary-Cherry Blossoms-Lauren Easley

1) p.7. Retainers- Servants or attendants,esspecially one in the household of a person of a high rank.
2) p.7. Gangplank- A board or ramp used as a removable footway between a ship and a pier.
3) p.8. Pretensions- Claims to something, such as privileges or rights.
4) p.9. Conjure- To imagine; to picture.
5) p.10. Fleet- A number of war ships operating together under one command.
6) p.11. Dwindling- Becoming gradually less until very little remains.
7) p.12. Sober- Marked by seriousness, gravity or solemnity of conduct or character.
1. The retainers welcome the guests into the mansion.
2. The immigrants used the gangplank to aboard the ferry.
3. The judge didn't believe the man's pretensions when he said that he did not steal the missing amulet, even though he was wearing it.
4. I could not conjure the sight of a neon green poodle until I saw it.
5. The fleet of kidnappers were not too smart when they attempted to captivate the police officer.
6. The bowl of evaporating water was dwindling.
7. When taking the test, the student had a sober attitude.