Lily For Chapter 2 Summarizing: In this Chapter Muna is helping load and unload barrels and goods on to the ship. When Muna is finished, he gets on the boat he had been planing in the first chapter to get on, but had not given that much thought to his plan. The boat laves Awa and he gets a bad feeling in his stomach. This is hunger but he can not eat or he will run out of food for later in his journey. He starts to think about his father and what he will say and do when he meets him. Muna then falls asleep but starts to make noises in his sleep. Takanobu the ronin hears him and wakes him up by yelling. Muna gets up and the ronin chases him. The ronin catches him and tells him that he is now his slave. Muna is scared and angry he does not want to be the slave of this ronin. The ronin tells Muna his name it is Takanobu. Takanobu takes Muna to the captain. The captain yells and says the must turn back, but Takanobu says thy must go on. So the Captain puts Takanobu in charge of Muna. Takanobu gives Muna food, but Muna refuses to eat. Takanobu says the captain will get mad if he does not eat it. Muna refuses again so, Takanobu eats it for him. Muna changed by having the courage to get n the boat to leave Awa with out knowing what would happen. In the next chapter I think Muna will have to stay on the boat and he will become friends with the ronin Takanobu.

Lauren For Chapter 3 Summarizing: In chapter three, Muna is mostly searching for shelter. In the beginning, Muna is trapped in a ship's hold with no money. He needs to pay before leaving the boat. Takanobu, his new acquaintance, helps him escape. Muna is now lost. He then is found by Kawaki and Akiko. They give him dinner and he pays by telling them his story. In the morning, Muna leaves to go to the Rashamon gate. Muna discovers Takanobu at the gate when he hears a familiar snore. Muna grew by learning hoe to speek up for his needs. In the next chapter, I predict that Muna will set out once more in search for his father.

Maya for Chapter 4 Summerizing: In chapter 4 Muna is waiting fot Takanobu to wakeup from his sleep at the Rashamon gate. He's noticing what is going on around him in the beginning of the chapter. In the middle, Takanobu takes Muna to his house where all of his friends are. Then Muna gets a job as a stable boy. He tells stories of the samurai at the Red Dog. It's New Years eve and it is very cold. He goes home to the Red Dog. They welcome him as Muna, not puppy. They are being nice to him. At the end of the chapter, he goes back to the Roshamon gate and Muna, is looking for Plum Face in the crowd. He doesn't find him and then meets a kind, old guy. He finds out that Plum face died over two months ago. He's thinking about what the three ronin are doing at the moment. He sees a light and follows it. He finds out that the light was the Red Dog and it was on fire. Muna collapsed from the smoke. Muna developed by not being "puppy"anymore and he is allowed to drink sake. I think that in the next chapter Muna will live and keep looking for his father.

Michelle-Summary-Chapter 5
In this chapter we meet a new character that finds Muna in the fire of the Red Dog. The man that found Muna is a sword smith named Fukiji. He takes care of Muna while Muna is unconscious. Muna has a fever, and the sword smith takes care of him non-stop. After Muna’s fever goes away, the sword smith collapses on the floor exhausted. As Muna continues to sleep, general Kiyomori has a conversation with his retainer. They talk about the fight between the Heike and the Genji. Slowly Muna wakes up. He remembers that Takanobu is dead. Then he realizes that Takanobu’s death might have been a message from the gods telling him that he did not set out to be a stable boy, but he set out to find his father. Takanobu and kept Muna for cotinuing on his journey. When he is fully awake, the sword smith gives Muna some soup and they greet each other for the New Year.
In this chapter, Muna develops by learning how to move past a death and that sometimes a death can help someone.
In the next chapter I think that Muna will probebly meet Fukiji. Fukiji will give Muna a sword and when Muna leaves to go find his father, Fukiji will offer to go with him.