Seven Aspects

Political science:
1:Thus by afternoon Muna had become one of the boys who worked and lived in the stables of the imperial Guards. They staple boys were not trusted to groom the valuable war-horses of the guardsmen.they cleaned the stalls and carried feed for the animals and served the grooms and solders assigned to the stables. This shows that young boys can have jobs, but not big jobs, and do get payed little. p.29

1: “I don't suppose you have any copper on you,” Takanobu asked.
This shows that they would call their money copper. p.26

2: “who’d you steal it from?” The peddlers voice was harsh, but he took the object. This shows that a peddler is a trader or salesmen. The person who came to the Peddler would pay money or give the peddler something they wanted in return for a valuable idem or money from the peddler. p.27

3: Fanning out on either side were row upon row of tiny stalls where if one had little money, one could buy fish, cheap clothes, sandals, even amusement for there were itinerant musicians to be seen, and under a tree girls were dancing to delight of a crowd. p.24

1: Takanobu started down Suzaku Oji, the broad willow lined avenue that led from Rashmon Gate to the Imperial Palace with Muna, at his heels, skipping to keep up with his companions long strides.This tells how they traveled around the city and what it looked like. p.27