1. Read the handout on the life of Buddha.
2. Identify the significant images and events in his life.
3. Open a Pages document (It is the program with the black inkwell)
4. Choose Posters and then click on Science Fair Poster Small
5. Save the document with your first name and Buddha in the title.
6. Go to Creative Commons to look for pictures for the poster. Remember to unclick the "For Commercial Use" button.
7. Create a poster to represent the main events and ideas in the life of Siddhartha. In the text box, write 2-3 sentences on what was significant about Siddhartha's life.
8. When you are finished, upload the file to this page.
a. Click on the picture under the word Editor in the Edit Bar.
b. Choose Upload Files.
c. Click the blue sentence and upload the Pages document that you created.