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Answer the following questions.This is a school page, so be sure that you use appropriate language. Write in complete sentences.

1. What do you like about Civ class?

We read and study history.

2. What is your favorite food?

Tacos, waffles, pancakes, corn bread, any bread, pasta, and milkshakes/ smoothies.

Frankie- I could have a smoothie everyday for breakfast! They are really good in the Bahamas!

katie- i love corn bread

3. What is your favorite movie?


;Brooke, I love it. It is amazing!

4. What is your favorite book and why?

Beacon Street Girls.

Meredith: I love this series too. I like it because it our age group.

5. What would you like about living in an African village?

You are with a lot of people and you work together.

Lauren,- I would like that, too!

6. What would you find hard about living in an African village?

Everything would be kind of dirty and you would have to be working a lot and you would have a short life span.




There are a range from about 2-15 kids in a grade.

About the book I'm reading,

The book I'm reading is called Bindi Babes, the book is about three girls called Amber, Geena and Jazz. The three girls lost their mom a little while ago and they are trying to push pass their sadness by being the popular girls. When their dad lets their aunt form India come cramp their style though, they soon realize that if they don't get someone to marry their aunt then they may just be... average.

Bindi Babes,
By Narinder Dhami

My 4 Questions about Feudal Europe

How many people lived in normal sized village?

Geography, Sociology, Political Science

What type of animals did they domesticate?

Geography, Economics, Sociology

Who lived in a knights house?


Were they like Africa did society change slowly or were they like us changing fast?