Azalea Blossoms

images-3.jpg1. Marina, 2. Natalie, 3. Meredith, 4. Calder
1. Characters
a. Record new characters in the chapter
b. What is his/her relationship to Muna?
c. What is their role in the society? Where on the Feudal pyramid?
d. How much power do they have?

2. Vocabulary
a. Identify 7 significant vocabulary words
b. Look each up in the dictionary
c. Record the page number in SoC.
d. Write the definition that matches its use in the novel.
e. Write the word in a sentence.

3. Summarizing
a. Write a plot summary for the chapter.
b. Record any changes or developments in the major characters.
c. Make at least one prediction for the next chapter.

4. Writing style
a. Identify 5 lines that tell the reader about Muna and his thinking.
b. Find 2 examples of imagery. Explain what the imagery helps the reader understand about the event or person.

5. Seven Aspects
a. Code in the text for the Seven Aspects
b. Record what you found for each. You may write in short phrases. Include page numbers