Marina-Marina Vocabulary
typhoon- A tropical storm in the region of the Indian or western Pacific Ocean
contentedly- expressing happiness and satisfication
assault- make a physical attack on
abruptly- sudden and unexpected
eluded- evade or escape from typically in a skillful or cunning way
concluded- bring to an end
thoroughfare-a road or a path forming a route between two places
Sentences- Typhoon- For it was typhoon season.
Contentedly- And he gazed contentedly out across the water.
Assault- Resisting the warrior's laughter as though it were a bodily assault.
Abruptly- The laughter stopped abruptly.
But this time Muna eluded the friendly slap that he feared might send him sprawling.

Vocabulary: Azalea Blossoms- Natalie Schwartz

pg. 7- gangplank: a movable bridge used in boarding or leaving a ship at pier
pg. 7- overseer: supervisor, superintendent
pg. 8- pretensions: pre-stress
pg. 8- agitated: to excite or often disturb public discussion
pg. 10- hounded: to persistently harass
pg. 11- renegade: having rejected a tradition
pg. 12- stowaway: to secrete oneself aboard a ship as means obtaining transportation

1. I walked across the gangplank and boarded the fishing boat.
2. The overseer on the camping trip was very strict and firm.
3. Carly had pretensions of doing well on her test.
4. I agitated the discussion at the dinner table when I said I disagreed.
5. I hounded Julia until she finally gave me the answers.
6. My renegade father is not a samurai anymore because he disobeyed his leader.
7. I was a stowaway when I quickly jumped on my father's boat.

Calder McNeil-Vocabulary
Chapter five 38-conveyed:To impact or communicate by statement, suggetion, gesture or apperence 38-vitality:A lively and animated character 38-squalid:Marked by filthiness and degradation from neglect or poverty 41-pilgrimage:A person who is going to seek a shrine or sacred place 42-grotesquely:absurdly shaped 43-scabbards:A sheath for a sword or dagger 45-anvil:A heavy usually steal faced iorn block on which metal is shaped

1.I struggled to convey my feelings in to my art piece.
2. I was suprised by his vitality of a young child.
3.She looked squalid in her dirty cloths.
4.She is going to make a pilgrimage in honar of her sister.
5.The castle was grotesquely, and indeed different.
6.All my brothers swords are kept in beautiful scabbards.
7.I shaped all my armor on the anvil.