Marina-In chapter four Muna has wandered off and decided to take a “break” instead of looking for his father. Takanobu brings Muna to a bar and Muna meets some of Takanobu’s friends while he tells some tales of his father. Muna spent weeks hanging around and after he told Takanobu’s friends the tale of his father he was worried, because they didn’t show up for a while, that he was considered a bragger. Muna’s birthday arrives and all his friends are back meeting him at the Red Dog. Later Muna goes to the Gates and try’s to find Plum Face, finding out that he is dead. Then feeling like Takanobu was playing a joke on Muna he smelled something burning, like a fire. He comes to the bar covered in flames and knelts to the ground feeling horrible for leaving Takanobu for leaving him in the flaming bar. In the next chapter I think that the focus will be on Takanobu either dying or being hurt, but either way I think it’s going to be about how Muna will go on

Meredith- For Chapter 2 I covered summarizing. Muna is helping the other peasants take the supplies off the boat. When Muna finishes, he hides on the boat and it leaves Awa. Muna begins to think about the hunger inside his stomach. He tells himself not to eat the food he has brought because he knows he has a journey ahead of him. But then Muna falls asleep and a ronin hears him snoring. The ronin tells Muna that he is a pirate and that Muna is now his slave. Muna is very angry that he walked onto a pirates ship. Of course everyone else knows that the boat is really not a pirates ship. When Muna climbs up onto the deck the captain finds him. The captain wants to turn back, but the ronin tells the captain that if he goes back that they would not complete the journey because there would not be enough rice to last the extended journey. Taaakanobu the ronin, gives Muna some food but Muna doesn't eat it. So Takanobu eats it instead.
Muna changes a little bit because he is brave when Takanobu finds him. Thats all the changes in characters and developments.
I predict that for the next chapter that Muna will learn to live on the boat. He will follow Takanobu through the city.

Natalie - Chapter 3.
Summary: In this chapter the boat docks at a city called Heiankyo. Muna has to set off in the new city alone and find his way to Rashomon Gate where Takanobu would be waiting for him. He crosses a very busy bridge and sees a beautiful black ox-drawn carriage. He imagined that his father could maybe own a carriage liked that, so he bowed to it. It was getting dark and Muna still hadn’t found his way to the gate. He was about to enter a temple and ask to sleep there but he had no money to offer so he kept walking. After he past the temple he spotted an old man cleaning up a shop. He started to walk past it but he smelled bean soup so he approached the old man and told him his story. The old man brought him inside and he and his daughter had dinner with Muna in the tiny shop. He left the shop in the early morning and found his way to the gate. He finally found Takanobu!
Predictions: I think that Muna and Takanobu will find there way through the rest of the city and get back on the boat.
Character Changes: Muna was very brave and went through the city alone and was courageous. He found a way to get to the gate.