Chapter 2
In Chapter 2 their are two new characters that come into the book. The first one is the ronin/ "king of the pirates" named Takanobu and is on ship that Muna is sailing on. Takanobus social status is that he is a ronin so he does not have any power over Muna. There also is the captain of the ship and he let's Muna stay on the ship because Takanobu insists that the captain let Muna stay on the boat because they will not have enough time and food to go back to Awa and then sail back to Heiankyo. The captain has the most power.

Chapter 4
In this chapter there are three new characters that appear. The first one is called Plum Face but that is a nickname because he has a birth mark like a plum on his face.We do not learn his real name in this chapter. He is like a bargainer and trades with Takanobu. Takanobu gives him a little silver buddha he stole off the ship, and Plum Face gives him some coins. Plum Face is probably down at the bottom of the feudal pyramid because he does not have a great signifigance in anything or anyone.He does not have much power at all.At the end of the chpter we also find out that Plum Face died two months ago.The next characters that came in to the book were Takanobu's freinds that he met up with at the Red Dog, a popular resturant for ronins.Their names are Koishi and Ogasa.They find Muna a job, but without even consulting him or asking him if he wanted to attend this job. They are most likely ronins os people of very little impact in society. They too are probably at the bottom of the feudal pyramid. Plum Face is probably the one ho had more power than the other two because he had money that he traded with people.We also seem to have lost three characters in this chapter too but we are not certain if they are dead for sure. Takanobu, Koishi and Ogasa were at the Red Dog and they get drunk and burned down the building, killing themselvs.

In Chapter 5, there are three new characters. Fukuji is a swordsmith and he finds Muna on the street after the fire and brings him home. He helps Muna recover. Fukuji is an artisan, and he is well respected. Tada is the person under Lord Kiyomori, the reader doesn’t learn a lot about him. There is Councilor Shinzei he sounds like someone also under Kiyomori, the reader does not learn a lot about him either. Then there is Yoshitomo who is the chief of the Genji clan. He sounds like a powerful daimyo.